Our Special Insurance Products
for Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Operating and functioning are essential elements for Agricultural and Construction Machinery. Operators rely on the actual availability of machines, systems and devices. Break down periods resulting from damage or defects can lead to serve business losses and financial failures.

We focus on availability and mobility of our clients`machinery and devices. Hence, we place the motto: „Operation, not Outage.“

Thanks to our vast experience with customers and merchants of agricultural and construction machines, we have developed solutions enabling clients to span operation interruptions over a short term without great cash-outs.

To prevent negative consequences, we offer special insurance concepts for the security you need.

Machinery Hull Insurance (ATS-MK)

The German Insurance term Machinery Hull usually applies to the insurance of fire, burglary or natural catastrophes. Yet, various high risks resulting from the operation of a machine are often neglected – such as damage to the Breaking system following an emergency breaking, operational damage or breakage damage, operating errors, capacity overload, failure of measuring and control systems, as well as the transport to the site op operation. Such damage events are usually associated with surprising consequences, since the named risks are usually not covered under Machinery Hull insurance.

Our special Machinery Hull Insurance protects you from expensive repair costs and resulting machinery outages. We also offer a Repair Cost Insurance as and ideal addition, in cases of mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Repair Costs Insurance (ATS-R)

Damage to the gearbox, engine, hydraulics or controls are especially susceptible with only an expired warranty. Good will services are not longer offered, or not in the full amount and associated with a high own contribution.

Protect yourself from expensive repair costs and resulting machinery outage with our Repair Costs Insurance. This product covers unforeseen cases of mechanical, hydraulic and electric breakdowns of the machinery.

For damage resulting from an external origin, our Machinery Hull Insurance (ATS-MK) offers additional coverage.

Mobility to us is not only an issue, but a motto. Therefore, we offer our clients further special concepts insuring up to € 10.000 per claim:

  • Borrowing of Mobility Machine in cases of lengthy repairs

  • Compensation of salvage costs

  • Towing and Repatriation costs to the nearest specialist garage

In addition, you are allowed to place immediate repair orders up to € 15.000 directly in order to save time.